18 June 2007

Happy Fathers Day

Yesterday was Father's Day (a shout out to all the dads!). It was also Kade's 8th birthday. He is looking forward to his baptism on July 7th.

I've been very busy since as always but in January I took it up a notch and returned to school to finally finish my MS. It's been a little weird and hard to keep up with everything, but I will be done very soon and it's very exciting. Along with school, I've been involved in coaching the boys' wrestling club team (http://www.rockymountainwrestling.com/). Both boys did very well, and are excellent wrestlers. We've now moved on to the summer and it's nice to be out of school for the boys. They are playing in a machine pitch league and are loving the contrast that baseball is for them versus wrestling. I am also (reluctantly) coaching that team but admit that it is alot of fun working with the kids and watching them learn and improve.

Don't ask me how I fit it in, but I found time to began communicating with a very attractive and wonderful girl sometime during January or February. Long story short: we finally met in person and have spent every weekend together since Mother's Day weekend.


Matthew said...

HOLY COW!!! EIGHT. You have a eight year old. Man you are getting old. Do you have any gray hair. Love ya Man. tell your boys "Hi" for me.

Matt & Carrie said...

Here's a reminder to UPDATE YOUR BLOG! We want to hear how your family is!